Our Process

We Use Traditional Techniques To Create World-Class Tequila

The artisanal production techniques we use infuse our Blanco with exceptional smoothness and vibrant notes of pure agave, without the need to add any additives.

Onda Agave Fields


Our Agave is hand-cultivated and grown in Amatitán, in the Valley Region. The jimadores harvest the 100% Blue Weber Agave at peak maturity, removing the stalks to obtain the heart of the agave piña.

Slow and Steamy

Slow Cooking

The piña is cut in halves and slowly cooked in steam ovens at a temperature of 90ºC for 22 hours. The sweet and fruity notes of the cooked agave are reflected in the aroma, flavor, and smoothness of the distilled product.

Tahona Time

Tahona Extraction

The cooked Agave is then milled with the traditional volcanic stone Tahona, extracting the richness of the agave with the rotating passage of the stone wheel. The slow process of using the Tahona gives the tequila a smoother and sweeter profile.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Wild Fermentation

The juices and agave fibers obtained in the Tahona are placed in our stainless-steel fermentation tanks exposed to the natural yeasts in the Amatitán air. This is the most traditional fermentation style used in the tequila-making process.

Seeing Double

Double-Distillation in Copper Pots

Our tequila is distilled twice in handmade copper pot stills for exceptional smoothness and vibrant agave flavor. We preserve the original agave fibers, called “bagazo,” together with the juice in the first distillation, enhancing the artisanal character of our tequila.